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Selling a Home in Calgary

Calgary is a unique city, selling a home in Calgary is also unique. Cold winters with lots of snow, chinooks, and cooler summers.The weather in our city can fluctuate greatly, it’s not uncommon to hear “if you don’t like the weather in Calgary, just wait 15 minutes”. We also have a large dog population in the city. Here are some tips for selling a home in Calgary given our surroundings and pet population.

1. Floor Mats

Chinooks can create scenarios where we see -10º C one day and +10º C the next. This causes wet and slushy conditions throughout the winter months. When selling your home in Calgary during the winter, make sure you have large floor mats at the front door. Too often a buyer’s first impression of a home is dirty and wet floors from not having enough space to stand on when entering a home.

2. House Temperature

Calgary does not have a hot summer, and it cools down a great deal overnight. For this reason, many homes in Calgary do not have air conditioning. Sellers should pay specific attention to controlling the temperature as much as possible in the home. This is particularly important for owners of apartment style low-rise and high-rise condominiums where the temperature can be sweltering if not paid attention to.

3. Lighting

In the late Fall, Winter, and early Spring months, Calgary can get dark fairly early in the evening. Make sure you are leaving not only your internal lights on for showings, but also the outside lights. There isn’t much worse that showing up to a dark front door and fumbling your way into the home.

4. Shovel Your Snow

Please please please make sure you shovel the snow on your driveway and sidewalk. In addition to eliminating wet footwear for the potential buyer of your home, you are also providing a safer environment for all showing your home.....including me.

5. Dogs

Calgary very well may be the dog owner capital of Canada. There are an unbelievable number of furry family members in this city. If you own a dog and are selling your home in Calgary, I recommend that you ensure the following:

1. Do everything you can to ensure your pet is not home for showings

2. Any dog run or grass area used by your pet is free of your pet’s ‘business’

3. Dog toys and dog beds are tucked away (under the bed is a good idea)

4. Hide dog food bowls and water dishes

5. The home is free of excess pet hair

6. Arrange for the removal of any pet stains from carpets and floors prior to listing

7. Avoid using heavy air fresheners to cover pet odours - have the problem areas cleaned to fix the problem....not mask it




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