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Marketing & Selling Your Calgary Home

When it comes to selling your Calgary real estate there is no shortage of ways to market you Calgary home for sale. Nor Calgary Real Estate Agent and REALTORS® to choose from. But what makes the difference? Depth of services and execution of those services.

There is a difference between what one Real Estate Agent will do for you and how they will market your Calgary home for sale and what another will. You want to find the Real Estate Agent that provides the maximum effective service. I say effective as there is no shortage of marketing techniques that while they still sound good on paper are long past their time in actually bringing you home buyers.

Even if you find two Calgary Real Estate Agent and REALTORS® who use very similar marketing techniques, it boiled down to execution. In every industry the same tools and resources are available to everyone, yet individuals and companies have out performed their peers year after year. Real estate is no different. Even though I provide additional marketing services compared to the vast majority of my peers, there is no reason why they can't offer the same services. What they will struggle to do is execute these services at the level that I do. I refuse to allow myself to be out performed by my peers.

View my marketing plan below. I'd be happy to present to you how I sell more homes then the majority of my peers in person. Contact me to schedule an appointment.

My Seller Services


1. Professional Photography - your Calgary home has to stand out in all marketing materials and internet content. The use of a professional photographer ensures that we are presenting the best possible images to any interested buyers, and showcasing the most appealing aspects of your home.

2. Home Staging Consultation - we won't get a second chance to make a first impression. Your home must be presented in a state as close as we can get to show home condition. A home stager will meet with you at your convenience, and give you advice, tips, and tricks to help you present your home in the best possible condition.

3. Automatic booking system for showings and feedback retrieval - there are times when interested buyers are unable to provide much lead time for their visit to your home. You need to receive this showing request as fast as possible, and the company I work with for booking showings, ensures that you are notified immediately. After the showing, each Real Estate Agent is contacted and asked for their feedback on your property so that you are made aware of the opinions of those touring your home.

4. 'Market Mondays' - I keep you informed on what is happening in the market. Each Monday I will email you information on the market in general, a recap of our activity from the past week, and any recommendations I may have for your property listing. You need to that you can listen to the market with me.

5. Assistance with Ordering Real Property Reports and Condominium Documents - If you are selling your home, the collection of the required paperwork and documentation to ensure a smooth transaction can be a hassle. You may need a new Real Property Report (survey) for your home, or you may need to order a condominium document package to supply to the buyer. I will help you with the ordering of all required documents, and I will assist with the collection and delivery of these documents. Chances are you are busy. I'm here to help.

6. Conveyancing of all Documents - All of the paperwork associated with your transaction is provided to the necessary parties to complete your transaction. This includes providing contracts to lawyers, mortgage specialists, and the applicable real estate offices. I handle all of the communication for you.


My Marketing Plan


1. Full colour brochures for your property - Buyers can stretch tours of properties that they are interested in to numerous showings. It is not uncommon for a buyer to tour 10+ properties in a day. I create full colour brochures that help remind interested buyers exactly what your home looked like.

2. Open Houses - Do open houses work to find a buyer for your home? Rarely. But the answer is not 'Never'. At a seller's request, I will run open houses at times that are convenient to them.

3. An MLS® System listing on - This is our most effective marketing tool for your home. The traffic on is phenomenal, and buyers constantly rely on the information from this website for their home buying options. I create well-written, well-photographed, and accurately detailed listings for

4. A Property Listing on - My website has become a busy real estate website in Calgary. More importantly, my website allows me to showcase your property better than I can on Your home is presented with large, high resolution photographs, the write-up and key details on your home, a map to show the exact location of your property, and Google Street View that allows a potential buyer to view your home and the street it is located on. My website provides an excellent showcase for your home.

5. Internet Marketplace Websites - We want exposure for your home. It needs to be visible on as many websites as possible. I list your home on 15 different marketplace websites, including,,, and

6. Mobile Marketing Campaign - Consumers want information as fast as possible. I have created a mobile marketing campaign that provides instant information on your listing to the smart phone of anyone driving by your For Sale sign. Photos, price, and listing details are provided to interested buyers that are outside the front of your home.




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