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Property Inspections

Do Your Own Due Diligence

Calgary REALTOR® Cliff Stevenson recommends you do your own due diligence when buying a home, and not take information provided by the sellers. Have YOUR OWN property inspection completed. If you have any questions or opinions on this subject, please feel free to leave comments or email Cliff at

Cliff Stevenson here in Calgary, Alberta. If you're a buyer at the market right now and you're looking for a home and you come across into a situation where the seller has offered you to provide you with a copy of a property inspection that they just had done on the property recently, I highly recommend you don't accept that as your own due diligence.

Came across a situation here in a while ago where we were provided a property inspection and it was actually done by one of the most popular and probably one of the most reputable property inspection companies in the city. I recommend to my clients that we not use that for due diligence. We do our own property inspection. That property inspection found two very important and very costly problems with the property. One was has quite significant cost effects. The first property inspection was done a reputable property inspection company but they missed these items completely and if we got ahead and used that as our own due diligence and gone inside the property after the purchase, we would have found these items. One was actually a leak and its quite a substantial leak. So sellers, its okay for you to do this for your own information. In my opinion, you should be using this to be aware with the problems with the house prior to getting an offer on your property. Maybe fixing a few things so you're that fully prepared for one offer that comes across the table. So don't be surprised if the buyer isn't willing to accept your property inspection for their own due diligence and buyers, I highly recommend you don't.

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