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Permits and Home Renovations

City of Calgary Building Permits

Calgary REALTOR ® Cliff Stevenson discusses the need for building permits in the City of Calgary if you are making renovations to your home. Check out what you need before you do any renovating. If you have any questions or opinions on this subject, please feel free to leave comments or email Cliff at

Cliff Stevenson here in Calgary, Alberta. I wanted to comment on renovations in your home in making sure you pull the proper permits.

Here in the City of Calgary, we are required to pull building permits, if we demolish, relocate, repair, alter, or make additions to an existing building or structure. Now, that on their website is pretty vague, pretty open, but I highly recommend you call the city of Calgary, the 311 line, and sure you understand what you should be pulling. I've had two transactions fall apart the last month and they both fell apart because we went in to see that the seller had not pulled the appropriate permits when they had made the renovations to the home. Some are fairly insignificant renovations, some are just rerouting electrical and plumbing, but regardless, all of that require permits and they had not pulled them. So for my buyer, to go in and do a post construction inspection, it may have been very expensive to have done and may have been very intrusive opening up walls and verifying electrical.

Please go to the City of Calgary website. They have a great pamphlet called Development and Building Permits, permit requirements for common home renovations. It will tell you exactly what you need to pull and how you can go about doing that. But don't go ahead and assume that Uncle Jim can come in and do your plumbing and electrical for you and this may not be an issue for you when you sell your home. If you can't show permits that you pulled, a buyer may walk away from your transaction.

Any questions or comments, love to hear from your. You can email me at
Thanks and have a great day.
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