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New Condos In Calgary

Buying a New Condo in Calgary

Calgary REALTOR® Cliff Stevenson recommends that you carefully read any contract you are signing to purchase or sell real estate in Calgary. Condo developers can include clauses that allow them to change your floor-plan. If you have any questions or opinions on this subject, please feel free to leave comments or email Cliff at

Cliff Stevenson here in Calgary Alberta. I wanted to touch briefly on purchasing brand new condos in brand new projects. Tons of them here in Calgary and a lot more on the way. But what I wanted to bring up something that I'm not sure everybody is aware of. Recently had situation where somebody wasn't aware of the terminology in the contract. A little disclaimer here, please read through everything that you are signing in a contract. It doesn't matter if it's the Alberta Real Estate Association, standard purchase or listing contract, or the builder who has a standard builder contract. Make sure you are reading through absolutely everything so you know what you're signing. Now here was a key part that became an issue from somebody I know.

"The purchaser further acknowledges and agrees that the developers shall be at liberty to make changes and hereby consents to and accepts such changes without compensation, to any of the documents described in the section, or to any other aspect of the project including without limitation to the condominium plans, re-division plans, plans of specification for the buildings, the purchasers' unit plans and specifications, the amenities and landscaping features."

The key part in here is, this kind of developer has the right to change your floor plan and specifications of your unit without providing any type of compensation. This is really important. You might walk in to a certain floor plan or be given a certain floor plan in print format and when you go in there to see how things are going, it may be different from what you actually purchased.

Please read through these contracts and make sure you understand what the issues may be as you go along this purchase journey.

Just one quick tip on purchasing a brand new condos.

Questions or comments, love to hear from you. You can email me at

Thanks and have a great day.

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