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Is Your Home Clean Enough for Possession Day?

Please Clean Your Home

Calgary REALTOR® Cliff Stevenson suggests that if you are selling your home, you should leave a clean home for the buyers on their possession day. Think about how you would like to see the home if you were in the buyer's shoes. If you have any questions or opinions on this subject, please feel free to leave comments or email Cliff at

Cliff Stevenson here in Calgary Alberta.

A tip for people selling their homes. When you're approaching possession day, make sure you're cleaning up your home and leaving your home in a state that you would want to walk in to if you were buying that home on your possession day.

Too many times I see sellers leaving homes in a really dirty condition, not clean, things laying around, garbage in the garages.

Think about the fact that somebody purchased your home, they're super excited to take possession of it. When they walk in, they want to be happy with it. I highly recommend you make sure it’s clean.  Another thing, don't assume that you have some goods or some furniture or whatever the case may be, that you think that the buyer would like.

I have also seen a situation where we walked in on a possession day and there's been a large sectional couch that they thought the buyer would enjoy. Chances, and chances are it has been left behind because you couldn't get it out of the house. Please, if you are selling your home, don't make an assumption that a buyer is going to appreciate something that you left behind. Just get rid of it. They've probably made their own plans, or probably measured for their own furniture.

Questions or comments, love to hear from you. You can email me at

Thanks and have a great day.

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