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A Tip for Home Sellers

Tips for Sellers

Calgary REALTOR ® Cliff Stevenson discusses recent experiences with trying to show properties to interested buyers. Sellers should make every effort to accommodate showing requests. If you have any questions or opinions on this subject, please feel free to leave comments or email Cliff at

Cliff Stevenson here in Calgary, Alberta. Come across a situation a little too often in the last sort of a while where I've gone to book a showing for a buyer of mine whose interested in a certain property and the sellers are not allowing access to the property. Different reasons right across the board. I had somebody who has a mere posting where they were just putting a listing on MLS through an agent and took us about two weeks to get into that house. I also had somebody that was having friends over to watch a football game a little while ago and they didn't want to have any showing that time. Dinner parties, things with kids, people sick, the whole bit. There are going to be some good reasons every once in a while that the seller cannot allow access to the property in a certain time frame. I understand, with small children specially. There are things that you just cant juggle around to accommodate every buyer. But I wanted to stress the importance of trying to get everybody through your listing. If you're on the market right now, you need everybody through, as best as you can possibly accommodate them. Having friends over for a football game, not sure on putting that super high on priority list if you're on the market trying to sell your home. But just do everything you can, there's nothing saying that agent or the buyer is just going to rebook their showings to you to accommodate your schedule. It maybe a while before they can get back there and in the mean time they may have found something else. It's crucial that you get as many people through as possible during your listing period.

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