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Negativity on My Blog

A few weeks ago I had someone post a comment on my blog that was a little less than flattering. This was posted by ‘Fellow REALTOR®’ (he didn’t use the proper trademark but due to recent events I’ll add it for him/her here) and his/her email address was

wow, you are one angry REALTOR, wonder if your clients feed on your negative energy and negative you have any positive comments about anything?.....seems to me like you need to relax a bit or chose another career path.....”

My first reaction was a desire to slam his/her post. I wanted to get into the spelling, the grammar, the lack of a trademark symbol.....I had this thing diced up quickly in my mind. How dare he/she make these comments after having read a blog post that discussed the use of air fresheners in seller’s homes. He/she can come to that conclusion about me having read something like that? This was a lousy post, and I was defensive. Instead, here is how I replied:

“Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and post a comment ipfreely. I really appreciate you reading this blog post.

I'll take the high road here with my response - if for no other reason than to help with my argument that I'm the furthest thing from an "angry REALTOR®".

Thanks for stopping by.”

I responded this way because I came to a realization fairly quickly.....the realization that if I am going to put myself ‘out there’, I have to be okay with a less than flattering response. If I’m not okay with this, then I should probably keep my strong opinions to myself. My blog is not an instructional is not an inspirational is a blog that offers advice, rants, raves, and opinions. I’m not saying I have to be okay with personal attacks on my blog, but critical comments and people taking issue with my viewpoints come with the territory.

This isn’t new. Anyone that has been maintaining a blog has come to this realization at one time or another, and thousands out there have known this for a very long time. This was just my time to realize this.

Somebody asked me why I didn’t just delete the post. That is not me. It would take something pretty extreme to be posted before I would pull the post. I’m throwing out my opinions and comments, and I’m okay with hearing a negative response to those opinions and comments.

So feel free to leave a comment....tell me I don’t know what I am talking about....let me know that you completely disagree with my viewpoint.

I can take it.

......and for the record? I LOVE my job, and I strive to be a positive and upbeat person both personally and professionally.

Disclaimer: REALTOR® is a trademark owned or controlled by The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Used under license.


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