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A "Unique" Home Marketing Plan?

This is going to be more of a rant than an observation, so if a critical look at the real estate industry annoys you, or does not interest you.....then this post probably is not going to do anything for you.

I'm getting a tad frustrated with REALTORS® describing their 'marketing plan' as a 'unique' plan.

Let me explain.

I have seen marketing plans that I would call 'unique' they include components that I have never seen before. Usually this is a targeted advertising strategy, or a marketing feature to show off the home, or something completely different. REALTORS® that employ these types of plans are really trying to be 'unique' and to set themselves apart. I get that.

I also get REALTORS® that may not have something completely new, but how they structure their system of marketing, and how they combine some cutting edge options (social media, video, etc.) is probably safe to call 'unique'. There is a real effort to keep themselves ahead of the curve, or separated from the masses.

What I don't get, is REALTORS® that market themselves as having a 'unique' home marketing plan, only to list options like feature sheets, open houses, MLS listing, and a website listing. How is this 'unique'??? I'm not saying that this is a bad set of services to offer a client (in fact it is probably more than a great number of REALTORS® offer), but I can't see this being described as 'unique'. This really started bothering me when I read the same thing over and over again on several REALTORS®' websites. It was the same description of services, and they were all branded as a 'unique home marketing plan'. I'm not sure if I ran into a series of templated websites from the same company or not, but it was the same thing on numerous websites.

This just doesn't look good. The public visits these sites, and sees the same thing over and over again....with the same descriptor. The definition of 'unique' is:


1. existing as the only one or as the sole example;
2. having no like or equal;

Does that sound like the right word to use?? It doesn't to me.

So have at 'er.

List your services.
List your attributes.
List how you have a Gold, Silver, and Bronze home marketing plan that differ on commission pricing.

But please.......please call your marketing plan something other than 'unique'. Call it "My marketing plan", or "A marketing plan".....anything other than 'unique'.

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