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Predicting the Future

Calgary REALTOR® Cliff Stevenson cannot predict the future in real estate

Calgary REALTOR® Cliff Stevenson explains that given our global economic turmoil in the last few years, it is extremely difficult to assess where our real estate market is headed. This last five years have been years of constantly updated forecasts! If you have any questions or opinions on this subject, please feel free to leave comments or email Cliff at

Cliff Stevenson here in Calgary Alberta.

Got a lot of questions from people. People I have worked with in the past. People that are just sort of stopping by the office that want to talk about where we're headed in the market, in the housing market. What's going to happen in the next twelve, twenty four or thirty six months? What are some of the things that we're seeing in the market? And I'm going to tell you that I see my job as being someone who helps people buy homes and somebody who markets properties.

Coming up with what is coming down the pipe in the market is really difficult. I mean, dating back to the fall of 2005, if you look back statistically, we basically had an anomaly, an anomaly-type year, every year, for completely different reasons. So it's really difficult to sit down and say with any kind of certainty, especially with what the economy's done globally over the last couple of years...where we're headed, what's the market is going to look like in the next little bit, and what buyers and sellers are going to expect to see. We're all looking at the same statistics and we're all looking at the same information but there are lot of things that have happened in the last few years that I don't think anybody, even looking at those statistics, could have told you.

So if you want to call and chat about the market, I'm happy to discuss it with you. I'm happy to talk numbers, facts, stats, you name it. But I'm very reluctant to make any kind of bold forecast on what I see happening on the market. I just think that there are many things that are uncertain right now on our global economy.

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